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Mission and Vocation
Conceived and structured with well defined goals in terms of its mission, Nisa’s Museum of Embroidery and Clay presents itself as a unique instrument in the defense and promotion of Nisa’s local heritage, focusing on what is seen as its peoples’ most emblematic and genuine artistic and popular expression: the local handicraft, namely the famous stoned pottery and typical embroideries.

The Museum’s core mission is the conservation, research and promotion of this significant heritage – both physical and human – encompassing the history and manufacturing techniques of these traditional arts, while placing them in a broad historical context and Nisa’s own cultural settings.

As for vocation, the museum should be perceived as a living structure. A place for learning, exchanging ideas, experiences, and sharing knowledge with different audiences in an educational, fun and attractive sense, while keeping a close and bracing relationship with the local population, as well as artisans and researchers. While doing so, the Museum seeks to promote institutional ventures between social agents – local, regional and national – interested in the subject of workmanship, particularly pottery and embroidery.

Its polynucleate structure, set right in the village’s historical center, also aims to become a social, urban and economic stimulus to an area of Nisa that extremely relevant, socially and historically.


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