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Museological structure
The museological structure was designed as polynucleate, translating into a number of nucleus (or poles) with specific characteristics. It becomes a unique museological tour, interacting with the surrounding area of Nisa’s historical center, a part of the village with its own cultural, socio-economical and urban specificities, which the Museum has helped revitalise. With that in mind, some of the most relevant municipal heritage was given use and a few important buildings were acquired. Given its architectonic traits and historical significance, these buildings were renovated and revalued to serve new purposes.


Nucleus, Buildings and Qualities

The Museum's Main Nucleus
Located in the Cadeia Nova building, right in the village’s historical area, the main nucleus serves as brain to the several that constitute the city of Nisa’s Museum of Embroidery and Clay. Best suited to receive the permanent collection of the institution, this pole showcases the works with the most historical, craftsmanship and artistic value within the Museum’s collection. Here, you can also find several Temporary Exhibition rooms and the Museum’s headquarters. With the useful help of interactive and multimedia applications, the visitors will be able to know more about the History, techniques and heritage of these traditional arts, and also the historical link between them and Nisa’s main characteristics, in simple, creative and pedagogical fashion.

Embroidery Nucleus
Created in 2004, set in a typical local house acquired by the local government, it presents a small collection of pieces set in an environment that revives its natural setting, namely a traditional bedroom and kitchen, as well as a small set of utensils used in traditional agriculture.

Documentation Center and Educational Services
This pole will be set in the Old Prison building. It will serve mainly research purposes and the educational activities allowing younger visitors to interact with the Museum collection. In addition, a small auditorium will serve other events.

Reserve and Restoration Center, Clay Nucleus and Temporary Exhibit Area
This nucleus will be set in a palacelike house (one of the largest buildings in Nisa’s Historical Center), adjacent to the Old Prison and directly connected to it, but also with the New Prison, through the backyard. Many areas will operate here: in the Reserve and Restoration Center, you will find works that are not on exhibition at the moment and, simultaneously, a workroom where specialists handle pieces in need of restoration. The Clay Nucleus will operate as a traditional workshop. Here, the visitors will be offered a live glimpse into the real techniques and production processes of pottery pieces. The building also offers a Temporary Exhibit area, complementary to the one found in the Main Nucleus.


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